Advances in Social Behavior Research

Prepare the Manuscript

1. Formatting

The preferred format for your manuscript is Word.

File Types: Word, or PDF; if your manuscript was created using LaTeX, please upload a PDF.

Each paper should be no less than 6 pages. Please format your paper well according to the template below before submission.

Paper Template

2. Manuscript Components


The title should not exceed 25 words.


The abstract is limited to 200 words and summarizes the key components of the manuscript, offering the reader a sample of the manuscript. The abstract should be written in third person. No citation should be made to other published work.


Include three to five primary keywords that best suit the topic of the manuscript.

Main Text

Please do not add any headers/footers on each page. Headings are formatted according to level. Do not number the pages of manuscripts.

  • PRIMARY HEADING: Flush left with title-style capitalization, in bold.
  • SECONDARY HEADING:: Flush left with title-style capitalization, in bold. You must have at least two sections beginning with a secondary heading; if there is only one, the heading should be excluded.
  • TERTIARY HEADING:: Flush left with sentence-style capitalization, in italics. Punctuate the heading with a period and begin the first line of the same section on the same line. If only one tertiary heading is used, the heading should be excluded.

Mathematical Notations

Equations should be centered on the page. If equations are numbered, type the number in parentheses flush with the right margin. Using Equation Editor properly, please avoid using it for simple in-line mathematical copy, symbols, and equations. Type these in Word instead, using the "Symbol" function when necessary.


Footnotes should be used sparingly. Most articles have no more than 10 footnotes, and they should not exceed 40 words in length.


If in-text appendices are provided, they appear after the main text. Multiple appendices are labeled with letters (Appendix A, Appendix B). A single appendix is labeled without letters (Appendix). Multiple appendices must be numbered in the order in which they are to appear.

3. Identifiable Information

Where a journal uses double-anonymized peer review, authors are required to submit:

  1. A version of the manuscript that has had any information that compromises the anonymity of the author(s) removed or anonymized. This version will be sent to the peer reviewers.
  2. A separate title page that includes any removed or anonymized material. This will not be sent to the peer reviewers.

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