Advances in Social Behavior Research


  • Open Access | Article 2022-06-23 Doi:

    Research on Curriculum Ideological and Political Education Towards Engineering Majored Foreign Students in the Teaching Class of Engineering Mechanics

    At present, with the rapid development of science and technology in China and the continuous strengthening of international strategic cooperation, the number of undergraduate students from abroad is increasing year by year. It is increasingly important to carry out curriculum ideological and political education for foreign students and cultivate all-around friendly and patriotic foreign students. Taking engineering mechanics as an example, this paper explores the methods and means of organically integrating curriculum ideological and political education into the course in the process of engineering teaching. This paper analyzes in detail the role of teaching method design, teaching technology innovation, and ideological and political scheme selection in the curriculum ideological and political education of foreign students. This paper demonstrates the organic combination of engineering teaching and foreign students' ideological and political education and explores new methods of curriculum ideological and political education for foreign students in the future.

  • Open Access | Article 2022-12-11 Doi:

    Problems and Strategies of Legal Transmission of Warm Stories

    In recent years, some influential mainstream media and new media have launched “warm-story” programme, which is favored by the masses of the people. However, there are many problems with the spread of warm stories, such as clickbait, superficial content, fake news, and the vague concept of rules of law. How to overcome these problems, how to write warm stories so that they can spread legally, how to develop warm stories in the future, and how to conduct legal communication with warm stories are all critical issues that must be addressed right now. This paper looks at what warm-story is, how it works, and what it says. It also talks about how warm-story is used in legal communication and what strategies can be used.

  • Open Access | Article 2021-12-22 Doi: 10.54254/asbr.2021001

    Analysis of the Reasons Why US and Russia Withdrew from the INF Treaty Successively – Based on the Levels of Analysis

    The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) is a milestone in the history of arms control negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union, but there are continuous disputes during its existence. From February 2, 2019, the United States announced the suspension of its obligations under the INF Treaty and officially started the withdrawal process. On the same day, the Russian president also announced the suspension of implementation. The factors behind the successive withdrawal are complicated and are related to the development of the international arms control system in the future. This papermainly focuses on the analysis of the reasons for the withdrawal by comparing the two sides under the same perspective through the levels of analysis.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    Vicious Circle:What Accounts for the Deteriorating US-China Relation

    Nationalism serves as an important base of citizens’ identification of the state. When the economy is not promising, elites tend to use nationalism as a tactic to stabilize people and channel their discontent to foreign states. However, the panacea has serious side effects. This essay will demonstrate how such a tactic could lead to a vicious circle that fulfills and reinforces itself until losing control, which accounts for the deteriorating US-China relation, which is far worse than the underlying interest requires and severely hindering the development of the world. More details will be analyzed to find what particularly accelerates the circle so that possible exits from it could be found. Other common explanations for the rising tension between the US and China are also discussed to make the vicious circle more comprehensive and further unveil the possibilities to ameliorate the status quo.

  • Open Access | Article 2021-12-22 Doi: 10.54254/asbr.2021002

    Changes and the Influences of the American Taiwan-related Policies under the Global Epidemic Situation

    Taiwan-related issues is the core issue in the Sino-American relations and the unification of China’s territory is unchallenged. However, during the COVID-19 global epidemic period, the US makes some changes on its Taiwan-related policies and wants to play ‘Taiwan card’ to put pressure on China. This article will talk about some of the changes the US makes during this period. The reasons of these changes and the influences caused by them will be discussed as well.

  • Open Access | Article 2021-12-22 Doi: 10.54254/asbr.2021003

    Iran’s Nuclear Ambition

    The relations between Iran and the Western world has been deteriorating in the recent years due to Iran’s nuclear development. Iran’s nuclear program was firstly sponsored by the U.S. and western world, but now they deemed Iran is threatening regional security and world stabilization with its nuclear ambition. When facing the abominable situation create by the U.S. and rest of the world, Iran had no choice but to continually strengthening its national security. Fairly to say, Iran's nuclear aim is both motivated by its internal intension to be recognized as a powerful state and the external pressure that provoked it to pursues national security. U.S. and the western world could not risk letting Iran become an effective regional power with its nuclear capability, while Iran could not turn away from the temptation to hold nuclear power. The existing confrontation between Iran and the U.S. is not going to vanish soon. However, the U.S. should understand the consequence and backlash of its sanctions, construct a new method to resolve the current situation.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    Is This a Story That Needs to Be Racialized? Difference in Coverage Assignments and its Influences

    Increasing awareness of lack of diversity in newsroom has been widely seen at American news media. However, studies showed that recruiting minority journalists does not guarantee diverse voices or better working environment for minorities, due to administrative decisions, including assignment of topics based on a journalist’s race. In this study, the author reviews interviews with minority journalists in searching for effects of the influence of such practice, and finds that difference in topic assigning based on their races in the newsroom hinders minority journalists’ performance and perpetuates racial bias in readers.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    Through the Lens of #MeToo: A Discussion on Sexual Violence in Chinese Schools

    There is a global school sexual violence crisis, and China is not free from it. This study discusses the causes and influencing factors of school sexual violence first, including power imbalance in school, traditional gender roles and respect for teachers, as well as the ambiguity or lack of laws. To further study the natures and perspectives of school sexual violence, we analyse the impacts and hindrances of #MeToo movements in the specific context of school sexual violence. Although the positive impacts of #MeToo such as increasing social awareness and individual empowerment proves its efficiency to certain extent, there are still multiple hindrances ahead such as threats from school management and media censorship still reflects, showing how complex the issue of the school sexual violence is.

  • Open Access | Article 2021-12-22 Doi: 10.54254/asbr.2021004

    Reflections and Prospects of China-Iran Relations under the Impact of COVID-19

    The Corona virus causes major changes in the world, among which China-Iran relation is to change more or less under the influence. The worsened relations with the US of both countries are expected to push the two countries to have a more intimate friendship; the bilateral cooperation and the common interests of both countries also demonstrate a bright future. On the other hand, with the impediment of the second outbreak of the virus, the uncertainty of Iranian attitudes, and the impact of other countries, the improvement of the bilateral interactions is not all plain sailing. The essay aims to give analyses on these factors as well as some reasonable predictions.

  • Open Access | Article 2021-12-22 Doi: 10.54254/asbr.2021005

    Research on Legal Regulations of Blockchain

    Blockchain is a chained data structure that combines data blocks in sequence in chronological order. It has the advantages of decentralization, immutability, distribution and transparency. Blockchain is mainly used in economy and finance, judicial practice, social governance, public welfare and charity, and other fields in China. As a new technology, the risks and challenges brought by blockchain include but are not limited to: algorithm security, convenience for crime, difficulty in determining jurisdiction, and inability to guarantee the right to be forgotten. To prevent blockchain risks requires to establish scientific algorithm rules, improve blockchain legislation, innovate regulatory measures, and establish a blockchain global governance system.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    Comparative Study of Fascism and Ultra-Nationalism: Concept and Case

    Fascism and ultra-nationalism are closely related, and while fascism absorbs ultra-nationalism, it is also different from it. Leaders played an important role in the transition from ultra-nationalism to fascism and the construction of fascism. The police order is a characteristic of fascism and a bridge between ultra-nationalism and fascism. By comparing the specific cases of German Nazis and Israel under the Religious Zionist Party and New Right, the key difference between fascism and ultra-nationalism is reflected in many aspects. This work will provide a new interpretation path for the integration and comparison of fascism and ultra-nationalism. As well as reference and inspiration for future research on the influence of leaders, ideologies and systems on the historical path of regime change and hierarchical order.

  • Open Access | Article 2021-12-22 Doi: 10.54254/asbr.2021006

    Rethinking the Debate over Motherhood Protection During the Taisho Period

    Motherhood protection means that the government provides protective measures to help mothers during pregnancy and childbirth. During Taisho period, there was a heated discussion over motherhood protection among feminists. The leading feminists in this discussion, Hiratsuka Raicho and Yosano Akiko, held totally opposed ideas towards motherhood protection. It is worth noting that the differences in their views are mainly due to their different life experiences. This heated debate lasted for several years, although it did not reach a concrete conclusion, it left a valuable legacy for later generations of feminists. Analyzing the reasons for their different attitudes and exploring the theoretical logic behind their different attitudes can provide lessons for solving the problems of low fertility and motherhood protection in Japan and the world today. To truly protect women's interest and promote gender equality, motherhood protection should focuses more on the plight of women due to childbirth than national interest, making becoming a mother no longer be an obstacle to women's self-achievement and personal independence.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    The History and Future of the Idol Industry

    This article traces the rise of China, Japan and South Korea’s idol industry in the entertainment industry and its process and reasons. How the rise of the idol industry affects the Asian region and has laid the foundation for the future entertainment industry. It is closely connected with the different models of different eras, and derives new models as people's artistic pursuits gradually mature. From traditional idol groups to audiences’ emerging content and to future virtual idols, idolization is always an eternal topic in the entertainment industry with opportunities and challenges. Another purpose of this article is to analyze the current problems facing the idol industry and what changes entertainment companies need to make to deal with these problems.

  • Open Access | Article 2021-12-22 Doi: 10.54254/asbr.2021007

    The Role of WIPO and WTO in International Intellectual Property Disputes

    Concerning about the international intellectual property protection and dispute resolutions, it is cannot be denied that WIPO and TRIPS regime of the World Trade Organization have an important role in the whole issue. However, recent years some of the problems of international trade frictions have exposed challenges for these two international organizations. This paper aims to review the history and development of the two international organizations, and analyze their organizational nature and responsibilities. While discuss the new challenges, this paper analysis the role that the two international organizations can play in the current international protection of intellectual property rights. And explore the possibility that in the future, WIPO will gradually integrate into regional dispute settlement; WTO would might give a full play to the characteristics of trade agreements and the possible adjustment direction.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    The Effects of Sexual Orientation in the Implicit Sexual Double Standards

    As a sexual attitude in this paper, Sexual Double Standard (SDS) refers to gender differences in permissible sexual behavior and is used to refer specifically to stricter standards for women. Specifically, it can be divided into different degrees of permission for certain sexual behaviors between men and women, and differences in evaluation between men and women for the same sexual behaviors. Based on the literature review, this study proposes a hypothesis about gender orientation's effect on implicit SDS and carries out the IAT test (Implicit Association Test) of Implicit SDS. The result show that straight people do have implicit SDS for homosexual people, and gay people have more negative SDS than lesbian people. The significance of this work is to carry out research on minority groups under the SDS, because previous research rarely investigates homosexual groups. We expected that the existing research results can be used to solve the problem of gender inequality in society and eliminate outdated gender discrimination and discrimination against the LGBT community.

  • Open Access | Article 2021-12-22 Doi: 10.54254/asbr.2021008

    The Fair Use of Copyright in Fan Works

    The fan works are produced and widely distributed on the Internet, and are dependent on the original works, but have their own originality. Therefore, whether it is protected by copyright law and whether it infringes on the copyright of the original work has become the focus of academic debate. Despite the possible conflict of copyright with the original work, the law should not completely deny the legitimacy of fan works based on its own characteristics and public interest as well as the needs of social and cultural development, but should regulate the elements of its legitimacy on the basis of clarifying its legal attributes and seek reasonable ways to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the original work.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    Individual Differences in Self-Esteem in Response to Different Forms of Social Exclusion

    Social exclusion is a dynamic interactive process, yet previous research has mostly focus on the effect of different social exclusions in general terms. In this study, we investigated that whether people’s self-esteem after different categories of social exclusions is moderated by individual differences in Rejection Sensitivity. Participants are first engaged in a Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire (Downey & Feldman, 1996) and an explicit self-esteem measurement. After a few weeks, they finished an explicit self-esteem measurement questionnaire which involved one of three kinds of social exclusion occasions. Each questionnaire pointed out the same situation: the participants met a friendly stranger at the weekend party and wanted to deepen their relationship. However, they all received different types of rejection and were in the exclusion condition. Implication of this research is to understand how individual differences in Rejection Sensitivity will affect the consequences in three circumstances of social exclusions: explicit rejection, ostracism, and ambiguous rejection. We expect to find that people with different rejection sensitivity will have different fluctuations in self-esteem in the face of three kinds of social exclusion. For example, people with high rejection sensitivity may suffer a more serious blow to their self-esteem in the face of direct rejection since they feel more anxious and sensitive to being rejected.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    The Influence of Individual Differences of Chinese Learners of German on Their Choices of Internship

    This study aims to explore the influence of individual differences on the internship choices of Chinese undergraduate students in German major and to provide better career service suggestions targeting at foreign language students. This study has significant implications, considering the challenges that final-year undergraduate students in German are faced with and the limited number of previous studies which address these issues. The current study interviewed 23 third-year undergraduates majoring in German to investigate their internship choices and experience, as well as individual differences including language learning motivation, anxiety and character. Only four of them were engaged in German-related internships, eleven were engaged in internships that are not German-related, and eight had no internships yet. Fifteen of them believe that motivation can improve their academic performance. It can be seen that students with integrative motivation will be engaged in German-related internships. Twelve people believe that anxiety has a positive impact on German learning, and one third of whom believe that anxiety improves their German performance to a certain extent, which promotes them to be engaged in German-related internships. However, the influence of character on German learning is uncertain. The results revealed a direct influence of learning motivation on interviewees’ choice of German-related internships, indirect influence of learning anxiety, and no relationship between character and internship choices. This study has implications for better career support to German-major undergraduate students.

  • Open Access | Article 2021-12-22 Doi: 10.54254/asbr.2021009

    Legal Regulation of Algorithmic Discrimination

    Algorithmic discrimination is a kind of unreasonable, unequal treatment based on algorithms, which is widely existing in all areas of our social and economic life. Compared with traditional discrimination, algorithmic discrimination is inherent, professional and concealed. In practice, both market forces and government regulation have certain limitations in regulating algorithmic discrimination. On the one hand, enterprise autonomy often fails due to benefit considerations, while industry self-discipline lacks a set of mature and effective rules. On the other hand, in addition to the lack of complete algorithm review mechanisms and accountability systems, government supervision is also limited by technical regulatory difficulties. Therefore, it is necessary to further improve the legislation of algorithmic discrimination, set up algorithm review institutions, establish algorithm review mechanisms and strengthen industry and enterprise self-discipline.

  • Open Access | Article 2021-12-22 Doi: 10.54254/asbr.2021010

    Key Factors Influencing the Hispanic Vote in the 2020 United States Election

    The Hispanic vote in America has traditionally leaned more Democrat in the United States. Appealing to the Hispanic vote as a political tactic has been popular ever since Kennedy’s “Viva Kennedy” campaign to reach out to Mexican Americans, which formed a large part of his victory. This trend will only continue as Hispanic-Americans are the fastest￾growing demographic in America. This paper analyzes the influence of four factors on Hispanic voting in the United States to try and create hypotheses to predict on what considerations must be made when predicting the Hispanic vote.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    Bridging the Elderly Digital Divide: Research on Strategies of Chinese Public Service

    The aging of the population is a huge problem facing China. In the context of vigorously promoting "internet + public services", new digital public services such as online ticket purchase, smart medical care, online car-hailing, online tax payment and online social insurance are emerging, bringing convenience to the people in enjoying public services, and also causing a series of problems for the elderly. This article discusses the three digital divides that the elderly are facing in public services, and proposes corresponding governance methods for these problems. These research strategies aim to ensure that the elderly can enjoy equal rights to a better life in the digital society. They also hope to provide valuable reflections on the reform strategy of Chinese public service and the long-term development of bridging the digital divide.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    How to Understand Overtones: Mental Mechanisms and Influencing Factors of Irony Comprehension

    Irony can be defined as words that express something other than, and usually intending the opposite of, the literal meaning. Irony is used in different kinds of conditions to criticize, tease or praise others. Irony comprehension is the process of identifying irony and detecting its implied meaning. This article discusses different predictive mental processing of irony comprehension and introduces the factors that affect irony comprehension in existing research. At the end, this article points out limitations of existing research and put forwards some possible improvements in future study.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    The Roles of Social Expectations and Gender in the Development of Psychopathic Traits

    Psychopathy is worth studying because there are not enough studies for the public to keep psychopaths in perspective. This work focuses on how social expectations and gender play their roles in the development of psychology. After reviewing previous studies, the social expectations of genders are assumed to be one of the biggest fundamental factors influencing the formation of psychopathic traits. However, there are not studies focusing on this specific factor. In this work, the experiment is designed to figure out how this factor work. Therefore, this work is expected to fill the gap and provide a new direction for the future research.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    Study on the Sexual Attractiveness of Male Beard and Female Long Hair to the Opposite Sex

    In contemporary society, men gradually increase their demand for shavers to keep their faces clean. Women also seem to pursue long hair by using a wig or artificial hair integrations. So, this paper will analyze these phenomena by studying the role of male beard and female long hair in mating selection from an evolutionary psychology perspective. This work is largely based on empirical evidence, previous studies , and relevant theories (such as short- and long-term mating strategies, parental investment theory, and good genes theory) to verify the hypotheses and generate the results. Unlike our initial assumptions, the result shows that women prefer men with beards in short-term relationships and men without beards in long-term relationships. The results also indicated that men prefer long-haired women more in long-term relationships while not having any preference for long-haired women in short-term relationships.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    Coronation and Coronation Removal: A Study on the Live-streaming Rollover by Her Highness Qiaobiluo —Based on Bakhtin's Carnival Theory

    In the summer of 2019, the hot topic of "Her Highness Qiaobiluo" was shocking. DouYu officials have imposed a permanent ban on the live-streaming of "Her Highness Qiaobiluo". What kind of online orgy is behind the "show farce" of Her Highness Qiaobiluo? Based on the perspective of Bakhtin's carnival theory, this paper analyzes how all the netizens participating in the live farce in the era of intelligent media communication recreated the coronation and coronation ceremony of "Her Highness Qiaobiluo" in the carnival. The article holds that people's life world is also divided into the real world and the network world after entering the internet era, and the network space is very similar to Bakhtin's metaphor of the second world. The popular live-streaming has brought carnivalesque experience to users, but it has also impacted the original social cultural order. The live beauty technique has created an illusory and easily collapsing foreground image for the anchor.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    Realist and Internationalist Perspectives of WTO Reform Challenges From the US-China Trade War and Broader Questioning of the International Trade System

    During its twenty years, WTO’s longstanding commitment to forming the multilateral international trade freedom shaped the rule and system among its hundreds of members. The trading world has been a seamless façade, covering the increasingly revolutionary change of a new, emerging order. The conundrum of WTO reform has been a consequence of global economic imbalance and political conflicts. Two representatives of the world’s extreme ideologies once again compete against each other for decades without effective resolution. WTO needs self-reform, not only for its own international jurisdiction and jurisprudence, but more of the collaboration from a settled international economic and free trade community. We will discuss the relevant elements from two different perspectives from institutionalism and realism.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-27 Doi:

    An Analysis of Subculture in Fan-made Products in China, Japan and Korea

    With the development of idol culture in recent years, the fandom culture is getting more and more attention in the society. We found that the fan-made goods of the fandom culture have distinct design differences in China, Japan and South Korea. In order to find out the causes of these differences, we summarized relevant literatures, and compared several design cases in three aspects: background design, main character photo selection and color. The results of our study point to three reasons for the differences in design among the three countries: the different degree of development of the idol industry, the difference in the understanding of beauty and inherent concepts in traditional culture, and the different mainstream aesthetics of contemporary society

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Cultural Habitus, Poverty Traps and High Incidence of Esophageal Cancer—Based on A Field Observation in Linzhou, China

    In the paper, the human behavior risk factors of esophageal cancer will be summarized and sorted out, Linzhou, a high-incidence area of esophageal cancer in northern China, is regarded as the field observation object for the study, and it is hoped that the reasons for many risk factors continuously existing in high-risk areas are explained by Bourdieu’s habitus theory, meanwhile, the existence and prevention of esophageal cancer in Linzhou was described correspondingly, and the economic and cultural background behind it was tried to explore. As an epitome of major prevention and control of diseases in rural areas of China, the study can be an effective supplement to anthropology and epidemiology in the field.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Exercise and Pharmacotherapy for the Treatment of Eating Disorders: A Meta-Analysis

    Eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorders, can severely impact people’s physical and mental health. Among all psychological treatments, exercise has been examined lately as one of the novel methods. Multiple literature has proved its benefits on physical health, including improving cardiovascular function and growing skeletal musculature. Moreover, studies have demonstrated its benefits on treating depression and anxiety. However, exercise may be deemed inappropriate in treating eating disorders since patients usually engage in compulsive exercise. In addition to exercise treatment, medications have been broadly applied in eating disorder treatments. Major medications include Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) and anti-psychotics. This meta-analysis aims to determine whether exercise intervention or pharmacological therapy is more effective in treating eating disorders. The result shows little difference in overall effectiveness, but different treatments may impact different symptoms of patients. Future researchers should continuously investigate the effect of exercise intervention and various types of pharmaceuticals to determine their practical application in eating disorder treatment according to the characteristics of specific patients

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    The Impact of Dance on Health —From the Perspective of Developmental Psychology

    Dance, as a non-drug intervention means, has a positive effect on health. From the perspective of developmental psychology, the definition of health has different tendencies at different age. For example, in teenagers, emotional health is worthy of attention. Besides emotional health, cognitive health is also a major concern for the older adults. By introducing dance therapy, this paper sorts out and summarize the influence of dance therapy on teenagers' emotion, as well as the influence on emotion and cognition of the older adults. This study supports the positive influence and role of dance therapy in alleviating negative emotions in the two groups and improving cognitive function in the older adults group, which is of great significance for improving people's happiness index in the future.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    The Role of Gender in Perceiving Emotions: Anger and Sadness

    This paper focused on the relationship between gender and emotion. It had been stereotyped that woman would sense more sadness than men when facing sad situations, while men would be more outraged than women in angry circumstances. To test our hypothesis, this work recruited a total sample size of 420 people to watch two video clips (angry and sad videos) and completed a survey about the pictures. Their emotional states were unconsciously reflected by their attitudes towards the video clips. Excel and a t-test were implemented to analyze the emotional differences between males and females under each condition (sadness and anger). The result corresponded to our speculation–women tended to feel more despairing than men when watching sad video clips, while men tended to be more irritated than women after watching angry videos.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    The Forgetting of Million Woman March

    Million Woman March was one of the largest feminist movements in American history taking place in Philadelphia in October 1997. The origins of Million Woman March date back to the 1960s as its organizers tried to resolve issues that had not been addressed at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black have long lived under the harsh crackdown on crime, and were considered a threat to social security. And Black women suffered violence and even murder caused by the crack cocaine. However, the organizers did not gain enough support, the participants did not have a unified goal of struggle. The lack of a strong leadership structure and a specific goal, and the absence of follow-up efforts which bring about positive impact is the main reason why the march is almost entirely forgotten.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Differences in Self-perceiving Emotions: The Role of Gender

    This paper focuses on how anger and sadness are self-perceived differently in males or females under the same situation. The importance of the current study is to examine the two most important negative emotions among women and men which are sadness and anger. In this study, one sad video and one infuriating video will be used as emotional triggers to evoke participants' emotions. After watching the videos, participants will be asked to rate five abstract images corresponding to one question about each emotion: sadness, fear, happiness, tranquility, and anger. We will only analyze the rating of sadness and anger, all other four questions of emotion are only to mask our real purpose. The result of this study will show that males tend to experience more anger than females do under infuriating situations, while females tend to experience more sadness than males do under sad situations.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Within Chinese Social Media, Do the Gendered Gaze Impact the Female Appearance Anxiety of Chinese Z Generation?

    Based on the observation of social media, the male gaze and female gaze have become two essential factors that trigger the appearance anxiety of young Chinese women. Considering the conventional patriarchal ideologies in China, the male gaze is primarily deemed the root of female appearance anxiety. However, with social media development, the female gaze has also become the origin of female appearance anxiety. Hence, the study utilized a mixed-method and took the Tik Tok as an example to lunch the research to determine whether the gendered gaze impacts their appearance anxiety while using social media for the Chinese female Z generation. Therefore, the study sent out 206 questionnaires and collected 175 effective responses; further, it did 19 in-depth female interviews aged 18 to 24 from different backgrounds. These data analyses pointed out that the female gaze is generally and gradually more influential than the male gaze, but the male gaze still invisibly and stiffly affects females in social media. In conclusion, the paper argued that the male gaze does not disappear but becomes unseen; global media promotes female empowerment so that the gaze and evaluation in the female community are increasing. In the future, for audiences, it is crucial to think of how to escape the "shackles" of media on females within the era of digital feminism.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    The Skin Tone Bias that Exists in China and the Role that Physical Appearance Plays

    For cultural and historical reasons, skin tone bias has been an important factor in the construction of modern society. Nonetheless, the Chinese skin tone bias, as opposed to the traditional Western perception, has different roots and expressions. The appearance also needs to be taken into account. This research conducted a series of experiments and reviewed much of the relevant literature to explore the role of appearance as a factor in skin tone bias. The results show that appearance does have some influence on skin tone bias and reveal some specific perceptions of skin tone among Chinese people. These results will be discussed using theoretical tools.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    The Impact of Gender Bias in Social Media on Women's Job Development

    With the development of the Internet, social media has gradually become the main way for people to find jobs. However, such a job search method is not absolutely fair. On the contrary, women suffer from gender bias in every way. This article aims to specifically discuss similar gender biases and their distress and potential risks to women from three aspects.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    The Function of Cognitive Architecture in Individual Development During the Process of Identity Search in Social Media

    As social media has penetrated into people’s lives, it is almost inevitable for people to acquire information from social media. Identity construction requires information related to self, and it is a crucial step in one’s psychosocial development. This research delved into identity construction in a social media context via a cognitive architecture perspective. In this paper, analysis of identity construction is based on an identity construction model, including three types of identity construction are proposed. The environment social media has provided to each type of identity construction and the distinct aspects of cognitive architecture behind those identity constructions are identified. Suggestions for individuals on the usage of social media in order to maximize the identity relevant information processing are given based on the identified role cognitive architecture plays in different styles of identity construction.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Rooted Stereotypical Thinking on Gender and Sex—Discussion on Notions Against Homosexuality in Chinese Sociocultural Context

    The rooted paradigms of dichotomic thinking in modern societies have greatly limited human cognition and self-identification of gender identification and sexual inclination. It is against these biased yet prevalent pattern of dualistic tradition, a great number of scholars have contributed to the formation of non-dualistic theoretical stances, accentuating that the cognition of gender should based on the emphasis of gender fluidity. Michel Foucault’s power-knowledge theory has been long taken by the concerned academia as the fundamental theory embedding the non-dichotomic thinking paradigm. On the premise of applying dichotomous cognition to the analysis of the human gender cognition, this paper will firstly include an ethnographic analysis of the differences in people's cognition and definition of gender in modern society and particular small-scaled societies. This paper will also discuss the influence of the rigid impression of dichotomous cognition on the setting of control variables in many medical and psychological scientific researches. The concurrent scientific studies into sexual orientation and gender identification have largely neglected the influence of gender spectrum on human’s concerned cognition and self-recognition. The author would also include discussion of eth-nographic data from Chinese sociocultural context. In Chinese society, LGBT communities and homosexuality face various discrimination and inequality depends on people’s dualistic thinking and traditional Chinese social cultures so that LGBT people have to live in shadows. Through this study, a solid theoretical foundation can be established for relevant researchers to determine the theoretical framework of future empirical and experimental data.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Strengthening International Legal and Institutional Systems Governing Climate Change and Pandemic Disease

    The paper focus on two significant issues-pandemic disease and climate change-to analyze possible ways in which the systems’ governing on global issues can be strengthened. After comprehensive analysis on existing frameworks and international situations, the paper concludes that international legal and institutions systems governing climate change and pandemic disease can be enhanced by building on existing treaties and institutions. More specifically, international legal and institutions systems can be refined through amending and reforming areas of weakness within their structures, dedicating more financial aid to underdeveloped countries, and creating regional treaties, plans, and institutions to constantly adapt to new challenges.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Infant Communication: A New Understanding

    From the perspective of communication theory, this paper summarizes two common types of communication: verbal and non-verbal forms, and explains the relationship between nonverbal communication and nonlinguistic communication, followed by a discussion of the definition of verbal communication, physiological mechanisms, acquisition theory and stages of development during infancy, as well as definition and theory of non-verbal communication, and common types during infancy. At the same time, from the perspective of influence on infants, the multimodal forms composed of the attributes of verbal and non-verbal forms and the related factors surrounding infants are discussed, which include the interplay of verbal and non-verbal interactions and the integration between different types of non-verbal behavior, as well as the physiological and environmental factors that influence infants' communication development. Finally, the complexity and importance of communication development in infants are summarized and propose a referable development direction for more in-depth research into the use of science for properties that are only theoretical.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Young generation’s attitudes towards aging population

    Older adults, those above 65-years-old, are an exponentially growing population in China, raising concerns around the well-being of this social group. In particular, there are intergenerational conflicts between young teens and older adults, characterized by increased prejudice, stereotypes, and ageism. Drawn upon social contact theory, this study explores these negative intergroup attitudes towards the elders as a function of intention to interact with elders in China but also investigated a possible means to promote positive intergroup relationships (i.e., reading heterogeneous stories about elders on social media). A total of 84 Chinses teenagers aged 11-14 years old were recruited. Findings suggested that children with a lower frequency of contact with elders tend to show higher perceived threats and reported more agism. Moreover, the proposed stories about elders did not necessarily alter these teens’ attitudes towards elders. Theoretical and practical cautions were discussed based on these findings.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    The Impact of We-media on Refusing Social Appearance Anxiety

    In the age of We-media, the way people disseminate information is gradually becoming more interactive and widespread, and more and more people are using the Internet to express and spread their thoughts and opinions. With the trend of reshaping aesthetics on media platforms in recent years, refusing social appearance anxiety has also become a hot topic of public concern. In this paper, I analyze the content and text of the communication behavior of Tik Tok blogger Broccoli from the perspective of We-media and audience, and find that the video platform has built a bridge to communicate with the audience for the dissemination of ideas, and that We-media has made some efforts to spread "refusing social appearance anxiety". Broccoli has both posted videos encouraging women and expressed an "refusing social appearance anxiety" stance to her audience. The opinion leaders, represented by Broccoli, have led their fans to rethink female beauty and create a new aesthetic, appealing to the public that women can define their own beauty, that female beauty can be healthy without anxiety, and that women can have a sense of self. These communications have shaken up the theory of male gaze that has long influenced the media world, causing some men to rethink the stereotypical notions of beauty imposed on women. This is why We-media has had a certain effect on refusing social appearance anxiety.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    FNT: A Research about the Relationships Among Conflict Styles, Face Concerns and Four Individual-level Elements: Gender, Age, Occupation and Degree of Education

    This study intends to examine the relationships among the four individual-level elements(i.e. age, gender, occupation and degree of education), face concerns and conflict styles in interpersonal conflicts in a certain culture. 205 participants from China were investigated by filling in a questionnaire survey. Significant results were discovered that gender mediates conflict styles while age and degree of education have respective links with face concerns among these Chinese participants: 1) In an interpersonal conflict, females relatively have a higher tendency to choose the avoiding style and comprising style while males relatively show a higher tendency to use the dominating style; 2) People from 30-50 years old have relatively highest concern for other faces, next are people above 50, and the last, people from 20-30 have relatively lowest concern for other faces; 3) Highly educated people in China show more concern for other faces than people with a low education background. Although more research is needed to examine how the four elements influence face concerns and conflict styles in other countries and cultures, and to identify the underlying factors that why age, gender and degree of education produce respective effects on face concerns or conflict styles, the current results can provide more detailed and recognizable predictors for Chinese people to foresee target person’s face concern and choice of conflict styles in an interpersonal conflict.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Analysis of Hartmut Rosa's Critical Theory of Social Acceleration

    As human beings enter post-modern society, social life is highly fluid and tends to accelerate constantly, and therefore acceleration has become an issue of focus for various disciplines. This paper first explores the main components of Frankfurt School critical theorist Hartmut Rosa's theory of social acceleration: the connotation of acceleration theory, the inner mechanism, the way to produce new alienation, and the way to solve alienation, and summarizes and sorts out the theoretical results. Secondly, this paper compares the ideas of Rosa with those of the first three generations of Frankfurt School philosophers to find out the similarities and differences between Rosa and the Frankfurt School. Finally, the paper presents a critical view of the solution "resonance" proposed by Rosa to the acceleration of capitalist society and proposes a solution based on the Marxist position. It attempts to make a preliminary exploration of how to transcend the phenomenon of capitalist acceleration in order to better understand the secret of social acceleration.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    The Factors and Benefits of HPV Vaccination on Males

    A common globally infection source transmited by sex is human papillomavirus (HPV) , and vaccines are an effective means of suppression. Although men have played an essential role in HPV transmission, low vaccination intention of the male has been found. Studies of male HPV vaccination acceptance have focused on exploration variables to research predictors that influence the willingness. Most studies have involved only a few variables and lack systematic integration. The report explored cues to actions, perceived barriers, and advantages of male vaccination issues from the perspective of factors influencing male HPV vaccination by reviewing the literature. The study found that cues to actions containing the parents' attitude, the media and health care workers as the source and its narrative, the acceptance of their peers, coverage of health insurance, as well as the benefits of prevention as the primary purpose are closely associated with vaccination. Low levels of knowledge, low degree of risk perception, shame, and skepticism might interfere with male vaccination as the main blocks. This result would be conducive to the targeted promotion of HPV jab and the rise of the vaccination rate among men of the appropriate age.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Feminism and Chinese women’s employment

    In China, though women have witnessed significant improvement in their social status in recent years, there is still conspicuous discrimination against them in workplaces. This typically includes income gap, occupational gender segregation, and glass ceilings. Family-work conflict would be the ultimate reason impeding women’s access to equal employment rights. Several schools of feminist theories will be introduced to explain the root causes of the plights of Chinese women, and the corresponding strategies for change will be analyzed. The complexities of the socio-historical background, traditional culture and biological traits render it a long-sustaining problem without a definite answer.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    China’s National Image Building by China Daily during the Winter Olympics

    The 2022 Winter Olympics has made Beijing the world's first city to have hosted the Olympics twice. It is another rare opportunity for China to attract the world's attention with a large-scale sports event. Therefore, it is necessary to study the Chinese media for national image building. By randomly sampling the reports of China Daily, China's official English newspaper, during the Winter Olympics and conducting a frame analysis, this paper finds the following four main frames – "High-tech Winter Olympics", "Economic Winter Olympics", "China Winter Olympics", and "Spiritual Winter Olympics". At the same time, based on building the framework, this paper also uses the agenda-setting theory of emotions to analyze how China Daily uses the priming effect and emotional consistency under the emotional setting to pave a way for China’s national image building, as well as the emotional spiral used in publicity to amplify positive public opinion and consolidate national image. This study concludes by pointing out the achievements of international communication during the Winter Olympics and the prospect of China’s international communication.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    The Impact of Social Media on Chinese High School Students' Body and Image Anxiety

    This paper focuses on the impact of social media on the body and image anxiety of Chinese high school students. It identified that the impact of social media on the physical and image anxiety of Chinese high school students is significantly different in terms of gender, grade, origin and time. The impact of social media on the physical and image anxiety of Chinese female high school students is higher than that of Chinese male senior high school students. The impact of social media on the physical and image anxiety of high school students in China's first and second tier cities is higher than that of senior high school students in China's third and fourth tier cities, etc. Families and schools should strengthen the correct consciousness and aesthetics of senior high school students, and the society should also establish a social media intervention mechanism.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    National Image Building During the Winter Olympics

    The Olympic Games are a world-renowned sporting event, including the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics. Most countries in the world participate in them and show their national images. In this paper, we analyze the contents released by mainstream media and athletes during the Winter Olympic Games. We believe that different platforms and media constitute multiple information subjects, and the national image disseminated through those subjects is pretty influential. Among them, mainstream media, athletes, and self-media convey the national image presented in the media events of the Winter Olympics. Self-media makes the audience another information source, which improves information transmission by processing and creating information, so that the national image represented by the Winter Olympics and related information influence the audience in multiple directions. Overall, the communication mode of multiple subjects strengthens the audience's ability to perceive the national image and makes the audience accept the national image conveyed in the events by interaction, authority, and other ways.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Exploring an Impact of Digital Media Platform on HPV Vaccination Intentions of College Women

    Taking the theory of planned behavior as the framework, to understand the willingness and influencing factors of social media apps As on female college students' HPV vaccine behavior, and concerning the measurement of self-efficacy in Keeho-Park's research, combined with this study and modified, the "Influence Analysis Questionnaire of Social Media on Female College Students' HPV Vaccination Willingness" was made.224 female college students (17-<24 years old) were investigated, and the factors influencing the willingness to vaccinate were investigated by a one-sample variance analysis. Results: The behavioral willingness to score of 224 female college students to receive the HPV vaccine was (4.59) points. Media contact frequency, cognitive level, attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control were also factors affecting female college students' willingness to receive the HPV vaccine.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Boys and Beauty: Male Makeup Influencers in Tik Tok – A U.S. and China Comparison

    Tik Tok, also known as Dou Yin in its Chinese version, has had a growing reputation in the social networking world since its launching in September 2016. While there are numerous content categories on Tik Tok that attract the many views and likes, beauty and skincare are within the top ten most popular content attracting billions of views. In what used-to-be female influencers dominated field, we witnessed the substantial growth of male makeup influencers with a proportion of them successfully integrated into the worldwide beauty market with high reputation and fame. The objective of this study is to analyze the differences between American and Chinese male makeup influencers as a means to reflect how they differ in aesthetic preference and social factors when creating beauty-related contents. This study employed a mixed-method with both content analyses of the Tik Tok posts as well as a structured scoring system for the appearance of the influencers. The results of the scoring are 7.1 for U.S. influencers and 7.2 for Chinese influencers. Both countries have a very similar feminine appearance with Chinese influencers resulting a slight higher scoring than U.S. influencers. The conclusion of this study rests on the fact that both American and Chinese influencers are emerging in this arena with their own definition of beauty using makeup and other beauty-related products; though they exemplified certain differences in aesthetics preference of appearance, they demonstrated a beauty revolution that is unseen before – through social media which aim to challenge how the society perceive beauty and gender presentation.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    How Characteristics of Virtual Communities Influence the Identity of Online Fans in China? – Using Sina Weibo as An Example

    This paper introduces the relationship between fans' identity reconstruction and the characteristics of virtual communities via the rise of new media. The research will explore fans' ego and social identity perceptions in online platforms, and state phenomenon that occurs in virtual communities that influence fans' identity. Sina Weibo platform will be used as an example to explore the model of online star-chasing activity in China by subjecting fans as the research object. Method of interview will be adopted to explore the changes in fans’ self- recognition and behaviors in virtual communities, and explained by the identity theory to give the final conclusion.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Dependent Personality Disorder and Its Gender Differences

    This article mainly focuses on the overview of dependent personality disorder as well as its gender differences, incorporating its definition, distribution, some reasons for gender difference in prevalence rate, impacts, treatments, and recommendations for future development. In the literature review section, the definition and features of DPD are firstly illustrated. According to DSM-5, dependency and submissiveness are summarized as two main traits of this disorder. Then, the distribution characteristics of age and sex of personality disorders are introduced and the findings of gender differences in DPD’s prevalence rate are special and significant. To provide a more accurate diagnosis and treatment, the reasons for this gender difference have been discussed. In terms of previous studies, the causes can be summarized into two broad categories, namely factors related to measurement and factors for the real difference. Additionally, I clarify its impacts on individuals including physical abuse and occupational functioning and consider gender factors. Subsequently, some useful treatment methods are discussed. Recommendations at the end provided directions for future investigation. Overall, readers can have a more comprehensive understanding of this personality disorder and its gender differences after reading this paper.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    General Overview of Paranoid Personality Disorder

    This paper is an overview of paranoid personality disorder (PPD) and will include its etiology through the aspect of biological and psychological, symptoms, impacts, and treatments. In the discussion following, the paper will mention personality disorders and pretend to a general understanding of PPD. Then, the paper will list and briefly explain the symptoms of PPD, provide a general discussion of the causes, and explain how these symptoms affect the cognition of PPD patients, resulting in different levels of impact on themselves and their related groups. In the end, this paper will explain the possible challenges of treatment and present several common and reliable treatment practices for treating PPD. All in all, this paper enables readers to gain more insight into a paranoid personality disorder, and when there are individuals diagnosed with PPD or with PPD tendencies around you, you can deal with it calmly, to avoid the negative impact on yourself and PPD patients to a great extent.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Social Media Technologies: An Important Factor of the Loss of Critical Thinking Ability

    Nowadays, information leakage and disinformation have become a hot research topic. Behind this, the influence of online technologies such as algorithms and data push can not be ignored. This article argues that technologies used on social media platforms help to create an invisible and dangerous system, in which digital surveillance and digital manipulation take place, and gradually numb individuals and deprive them of their critical ability. Many related theorists, including Foucault and Frankfurt School scholars, have studied how people are controlled and disciplined in spaces of public interactions, thus lose their critical ability. This paper uses theories provided by Foucault and Frankfurt School scholars to study the technologies uses on social media platforms that needs further examination.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    The Feminist Philosophy in Medieval Literature--- The Case Study of Christine’s the Book of the City of the Ladies

    This research is designed to make women’s voice heard and achieve gender equality. Studying medieval women writings is worthy investigating because it can not only show how medieval men view about the other sex but also appeal for women’s rights as much as possible. Besides, gender equality is an important problem that affects every single woman in the world. Therefore, gender studies also need researching. As far as feminist philosophy itself is concerned, the theories of Greek and medieval philosophers, such as Aristotle, Plato, and St. Thomas Aquinas, will be used for analysing. Finally, there will be a conclusion that concludes all the discussions in this essay.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-02 Doi:

    How to Protect the Interest of Developing Countries in the Process of Multinational Company Investment

    With the development of the economic globalization, the amount of international investments is growing, and the conflicts between host state and the investors have also increased. Since the twentieth century, multinational company invested in the developing country continuously. However, the terms and contents of International Protection Agreement are not perfect, they are unequal and involve economic exchange between countries. Sometimes, it cannot protect the developing countries very well. This paper analyses three types of the International Protection Agreements and reasons why the existing investment protection agreements cannot achieve specific purposes and ideas for solving status and nature of international investment in multinational companies to give the host state a right to sue the foreign investors. Developing country interests may be hunt by inequality terms in the agreement. The global economic investment may be in a mess when the foreign investors exploit the host state. Meanwhile, a justical concept is necessary, which is protecting the interests of developing country.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-02 Doi:

    How is the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian War Being Portrayed in China?

    China has a complicated relationship with Russia who used to be Soviet Union. Recently, Xi Jinping has aligned closely with Putin. As Russia’s friend, in the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian war, does China support Russia, standing the opposite of the world? China’s official attitude can be ambiguous, but what is the real attitude? What are mass people’s attitudes in China? Therefore, this paper studies from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the mass people’s comments to figure out China’s real attitude behind the word games.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-02 Doi:

    Transition from Core Socialist Values to Culturalism

    These years China has specifically emphasized on its own culture, building up the BRI and applying the culture to foreign policies. Different from core socialist values which seems to be universal values, culturalism promoted in China is a more domestic and centralized ruling tool. Core socialist values seems to emphasize on democracy, but in China, it does not correspond to the Document No.9. Therefore, there is a transition from core socialist values to culturalism which may not officially notified by the government but can be shown on various aspects. This paper analyzes China’s domestic policies that support the transition.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Gender Differences in Major Depressive Disorder and Relevant Interventions

    Depression can manifest in various ways. There are differences in age of onset, mood regulation, and personality traits between males and females with depression. Due to the interplay of genetic predisposition and environmental circumstances, gender variations in major depression disorder manifest in a variety of ways. Focusing on general gender differences in major depression and related interventions, this article discussed the differences and similarities between women and men with major depression disorder, the reasons for the differences, gender differences in major depression during adolescence, and interventions that take gender into account. As a result of the above research discussions, gender differences in major depressive disorder were concluded and interventions for adolescents were proposed. One of the limitations of previous studies is that they mainly focused on the gender differences during a certain developmental period. Future study should conduct longitudinal studies to investigate the dynamic changes of gender differences across different developmental stages. This review can provide some guidance for prevention and intervention programs at schools for major depressive disorder. These educational programs should incorporate gender differences into the curriculum.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    The Research on Primary Factors and Consequences of Adolescent Cyberbullying on Social Media Platforms

    The expanding application of new media in recent years has different degrees of impact on both the mass media industry and society. The widespread using of new media has brought many distinctive possibilities to the mass media industry. However, at the same time, it has also triggered some social events, such as the new media violence. The emergence of new media violence has a significant negative impact on the media industry. New media industry in order to earn some interests, they tend to ignore the truthfulness and authenticity of the information, which leads the decreasing of the industry’s credibility. The emergence of teenage cyberbullying is also a crucial issue, which has been expanding in the new media industry in recent years. However, the causes and effects of teenagers cyberviolence are relatively complex. Therefore, this paper aims to discuss and analyze the causes, potential risks, and countermeasures of adolescences ’cyberviolence. This research aims to clarify the factors and consequences of adolescent cyberbullying through using the research reviewing measures. Media network platforms, parenting, and schooling all need to stand out and find the efficient measures to help the teenagers.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Strategies of Foreign Cultural Communication and Multicultural Coexistence on New Media Platforms ——The Research based on the Videos of Overseas Student Uploaders on Bilibili

    With the development of the multiculturalism, paying attention to the characteristics of foreign cultural dissemination and the coexistence strategy of Chinese and foreign cultures has a certain importance for the effective export of Chinese culture in the new media era.This study takes the seven most influential overseas student uploaders on the new media platform bilibili and the videos they created as the research objects, summarizes the content and characteristics of the videos through a combination of quantitative analysis and qualitative observation, analyzes the effect of foreign cultural communication on the bilibili platform, and takes this as an example to explore the development strategy of foreign cultural communication and multicultural coexistence on the new media platform from a macro perspective. The study found that based on three advantages of "innovative perspective brought by unique role positioning", "accurate grasp of audience's curiosity", and "integration of foreign culture and Chinese culture", overseas student uploaders have transcended the self-perceived role of general foreign culture communicators and regarded themselves as executors of the integration and coexistence of Chinese and Western cultures. At the same time, if a culture wants to use new media platforms to gain recognition and widespread communication in foreign countries, communicators should grasp current international popular news and cultural symbols, build emotional resonance in multicultural communication, and enhance practical innovation in communication contents and forms. Only when communicators actively eliminate prejudices and oppositions between cultures and build bridges for cross-cultural exchanges, can the coexistence and development of multi-culture become more comprehensive and vivid.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Research on Fan Identity of Chinese Entertainment Industry in the New Media Era

    With the development of the entertainment industry, China's fan economy is becoming an integral part of the popular culture and entertainment economy. The current Chinese fan economy and entertainment market is traffic-driven, with fans organizing support activities on Internet and new media platforms, forming a extremely unique fan culture phenomenon in the world. This paper attempts to study the construction of fan identity and its influence in the new media era, using methods such as qualitative and quantitative research to set up questionnaires and in-depth interviews. The research results found that in the construction of fan identity, it can be divided into three parts of idol-making participation, emotional connection and group identity for in-depth analysis, which involves fan behaviors such as fan consumption, text poaching and organizing support activities. Among them, continuous investment and the formation of fan group rules are important features. As for the influence of fan identity construction, the research explains it in terms of both positive and negative influences, include the impact on individual fans and the impact on the social level. The construction of fan identity not only brings positive development and positive emotional value to fans at the individual level, but also promotes the development of related industries in the social aspect. However, negative effects, such as the lack of individual rationality and the occupation of public resources, can not be ignored and require the joint efforts of the government, platforms, idols and fans to make fan culture develop in a healthy way.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Gender Differences and Possible Improvement in Histrionic Personality Disorders

    Histrionic personality disorder has been found to have potential gender differences in not only genetic level but also social expectation. Women have the familial link and more inheritance than men, which suggests the vulnerability of getting HPD because of gender. Females also exhibit HPD differently from men, with less aggressive behavior and more seductive actions. This has made clinicians misdiagnose men as having antisocial personality disorder simply because they seek attention differently. In this way, clinicians should identify the purpose of each patient when they report distress performances. Even though DSM does not account for sex-typed behavior written specifically, women do manifest those criteria more often normally in life. In addition, females and males also have different strategies to seek professional help. Thus, classification systems can focus on more sex-related written descriptions or provide examples of behaviors that different gender would have to diagnose HPD more accurately. Treatment can also target sex-typed solutions.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Whether Informing Participants with High Self-Relevance of Gender Stereotype Alleviates Stereotype Activation Threat

    Females, as a minority group, experience social inequalities relative to males in most societies. Part of the inequalities originates from gender-stereotypical thoughts, which impose threats and anxiety on females, worsening their performances. The study aimed to investigate the relationship between the self-relevance level of the stereotypical traits and the performance improvement under the informing women about stereotype threat. Female participants finished a gender role orientation inventory and were exposed to gender stereotype threats before the two-dimensional mental orientation task. The performance of the task was measured by reaction time and the number of correct answers. The participants in the teaching-intervention condition were additionally informed that gender stereotype threat could interfere with their spatial performance. Results showed that women with female gender role orientation performed worse than those without. However, no relation between gender role orientation and teaching-intervention was found. The results suggest a potential problem under the two-dimensional mental rotation tasks and provide future studies with further suggestions.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Factors Influencing the Choice of Destination for Pursuing a Master’s Degree: A Mixed Methods Research

    This report identifies factors that influence students’ choices over where to pursue a master’s degree. Based on information from the empirical study as well as scholarly works done by previous writers on education, the initial hypothesis of 10 factors with a whole spectrum of effects was proposed. This research employed both qualitative analysis and quantitative method of reliability and factor analyses. The qualitative part figured out a total of 18 original factors for quantitative analysis, which later compared their matrix and leave 15 factors of strong relevance. The results indicate that students’ own needs turn out to be the most influential factor, with school characteristics, others’ opinions, and the administrative efficacy of the school also contributing to the issue.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Whether Acquiescence Constitutes the Principle of Estoppel in Territorial Dispute Cases: Case of Temple of Preah Vihear as an Example

    The principle of estoppel and acquiescence are widely applicated in territorial disputes. In some cases, acquiescence can lead to estoppel, but the specific criteria for its application still need further clarification. Otherwise, the abuse of estoppel followed by acquiescence might result in a violation of the sovereignty of other States. In this study, we focused on the case of Temple of Preah Vihear to gain a more extensive understanding about the prerequisites of that acquiescence constitutes estoppel in territorial disputes, and we concluded the basic conditions that acquiescence acts might lead to estopple through other relevant cases and literatures.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Analyzing the Occupational Sigma of Sport Athletes in China

    In today's environment, hatred toward athletes is becoming increasingly frequent among regular people. They are negatively affected. PE teachers, on the other hand, are perceived as "laborers" by the general population. According to ancient Chinese ideas, hardworking individuals reign over others in some places, such as China. In reality, this cultural inheritance of discrimination persists to this day, and is also the cultural gene of "stigmatization" of Chinese sports practitioners. As a result, athletes are seen negatively. Consider how people perceive and value athletes, as well as how others interact with them in sports. They are, on the other hand, athletes who compete in sporting events. Allowing them to attend university is no longer required. Others were aware of the situation as it grew. Despite this, no one is doing anything to stem the tide. This essay will illustrate how this bias impacts individuals and athletes, as well as how we may assess and tackle the problem using macro, meso, and micro aspects.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Sinocentrism in Relation to the First Han-Xiongnu Heqin Agreement- The Silk Road in Global History

    This paper explores the approval of the first Heqin treaty between the Han and the Xiongnu empire with a focus on unravelling the internal sociopolitical motivations of the Han in making the treaty. Through textual analyses of the Shiji and Hanshu, this paper rejects the depiction of the treaty’s military failure as a blind extrapolation of the Han system of centralized power. Instead, it puts forth the argument that the innate inapplicability of the Heqin treaty to relations with nomadic states was ignored by the Han imperial court because of a greater atmosphere of preference for sinocentric policies based on sinicizing other cultures in contemporary Han politics. These findings carry significance through its caused-based nature and approach to the Heqin treaty and provide contextualization for future studies on Han-Xiongnu relations.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    Mechanisms of Seeking War Damage Compensation for Foreign Direct Investment

    Foreign investors might suffer loss to their overseas investment resulting from war or armed conflict, and thus raise the issue of seeking war damage compensation. Under the international legal system, foreign investors could resort to diplomatic methods and legal methods for claiming war damage compensation. Some of these diplomatic methods, commonly represented by negotiation and mediation, are incorporated in a vast number of BITs. Using diplomatic methods allows a certain degree of flexibility but they cannot guarantee any outcomes. Instead, foreign investors could resort to legal methods, which include litigation and investment arbitration. Litigation before domestic courts imposes the obstacles of state immunity and other preliminary requisites for foreign investors. Investment arbitration, regarded as a major measure of resolving international investment-related disputes, provides foreign investors an effective forum for seeking war damage compensation. Yet foreign investors should be aware that arbitral tribunals might exercise different standards on the host state’s obligations and valuation of investment losses.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-02-28 Doi:

    The Relationship Between Co-Rumination on Social Media and Internalized Symptoms During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Moderating Role of Balanced Time Perspective

    Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, countries have implemented stringent preventative measures. Individuals impacted by quarantine policies have become more reliant on cell phones to interact with others. It is still uncertain whether recurrent internet talks of one's struggle aggravate anxiety and despair in individuals. This study investigated the effects of social media-based co-rumination on mental health. In this study, 352 Chinese participants were recruited online, took the online test, and returned 309 valid surveys. There were 127 men and 182 women among them. The researchers looked into the relationship between respondents' co-rumination, balanced time perspective, anxiety, and depression. The study discovered that persons under quarantine had higher levels of co-rumination, but this did not result in more acute anxiety or despair. The unbalanced time perspective negatively moderated the association between the two variables, but the balanced time perspective had no moderating impact. The cognitive style of co-rumination predicted psychological disorders negatively.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    The Secret behind the Golden State Warriors’ Success

    This qualitative and quantitative research study explored Joe Lacob's managerial success and its impact on the Golden State Warriors—driving the Warriors from insignificant to one of the most triumphant franchises in sports history. The thesis that Lacob's management is what ultimately led the Warriors to success will be maintained through a thorough analysis of how Lacob effectively exploits NBA's regulations, his management philosophies as well as his various financial decisions, along with quantitative data to authenticate the analysis. The study also offers a comparison between the management approaches of the Warriors and their competitor, the Los Angeles Lakers, to further substantiate the significance of Lacob's management. The result of the analysis presented a significant relationship between Lacob's management and the Warriors' success.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Individuals May Improve Their Intimate Relationship by Improving Attachment, Self-esteem, and Personality

    The current study aimed to examine the relationship between romantic relationships and three important factors: attachment, self-esteem and personality. These studies briefly described previous research on attachment, self-esteem and personality and their effects on romantic relationships, and discussed their malleability and application of the intervention. People with insecure attachment, low self-esteem and personality vulnerability have less satisfaction within their romantic relationships. High-quality relationships have a positive impact on the enhancement of those factors. Besides, those factors are malleable in response to social experiences and specific interventions. Attachment styles can shift after completing the process of EFT. CBT treatments are an effective approach to enhancing self-esteem and personality. These findings provide evidence that people could change their attachment, self-esteem and personality, which implies that it is possible that individuals could improve their romantic relationships by changing their attachment, self-esteem and personality.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    A Framing Analysis of the Stigma on Chinese Internet towards Feminism: A Case Study on "Yang Li Incident" on Weibo

    With the increasing number and development of social media platforms, more and more women begin to express their voices on these platforms. The voices on the internet are gradually considered to stir up confrontation between men and women. These voices have also becoming the evidence of view that "feminism attacking all male people". However, there is a lot of people are gaining advantage in the chaotic situation, or some of the events should not have risen to the issue of male-female confrontation or the "feminist" agenda. The orginal standpoint of "feminism" is for women to pursue equality, so that women can participate in social life equally and change the male hegemony, which is the embodiment of emancipating the mind. However, on social media, "feminism" has been once stigmatized as “female terrorism”. Therefore, this paper took the popular search text with the entry "Yang Li" on Weibo as an example to deconstruct how the confrontation framed and anti-framed “Yang li” and “feminism”. Based on the deconstuction, the paper concluded how the "feminism" on Weibo is stigmatized and what might the "feminism" do on the Internet in China.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    The United Nations Needs to Learn More Besides Its Successful Learning from the League of Nations

    Both the United Nations [hereinafter UN] and the League of Nations [hereinafter League] are important global institutions for human history. Previous research has shown that the UN has learned many lessons from the League. Meanwhile, the UN could be seen as a step further than the League. It realized many weaknesses of “the League’s failure to provide a mechanism for the enforcement of international collective security” back in the 1920 s and it learned many crucial lessons from the League. Yet, those lessons have not been sufficient to address all problems that the UN is facing today. To address this problem, this paper is intended to introduce the UN and the League briefly, what are they and what they do. And then discuss in-depth the question, of what did the UN learn from the League. Lastly, the third part will be expanded around the idea of the problems that appear today that the UN needs to deal with urgently. Because although the UN had learned plenty of lessons from the League, it has been seen that there are a lot of problems within the UN today.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Development of Oklahoma City Thunder and the Management Strategies Made

    The essay is about the overall analysis about team strategies made by Oklahoma City Thunder, a franchise in National Basketball League from 2008 to 2022. The analysis covers ups and downs of the franchise regarding its performance in the league and competitiveness. The basis of the analysis is through team transactions and the team philosophies that lead to these transactions or team trades. To analyze the team trades I decided to dig deep into players’ stats not only regular but also advanced stats to figure out the value of each tradeand the reasearch also incorporates draft picks accumulated from trades to evaluate the anticipate the team’s next move. Last but not the least the essay also covers team’s revenue throughout the years from the perspective of gate revenue and merchandising.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Research on the Status Quo and Problems of Women's Discourse Power in the Context of New Media

    In the new media era, the convenience, speed, and low access threshold of the Internet provide channels and access to women's originally compressed discourse, releasing women's discourse to a certain extent. This paper focuses on the manifestations of women's discourse being liberated in the new media context, what problems still exist, and provides relevant strategies to solve them. The purpose of this paper is to reveal the innovations, difficulties, and breakthrough methods of women's discourse in the development of the Internet, and to provide references for subsequent research. This paper will discuss and study women's discourse as the main research object through literature analysis, typical case analysis, and data comparison of previous reports. It can be concluded that although women's discourse has been developed and expanded in the new media environment, it is still suffering from problems such as patriarchal social gaze and alienation of self-expression, which need improvement from multiple parties such as media, society, and women themselves to improve.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    The Influential Factors on Gender Inequality in Social-media

    Due to the rapid spread of the epidemic, Chinese people have been asked not to go out during holidays or even undergo mandatory quarantine, so the way of public entertainment has changed from offline to online. The Tik Tok social platform is an increasingly popular online social platform in recent years, where the public can post and watch other people's daily life and some hobbies. This investigate aimed to investigate whether content posted by video creators of different genders in social media received respectful comments from users, whether male or female video creators. This paper analyzed the reasons for the persistence of gender inequality in social media by applying theory of reasoned action. Among them, algorithm theory was utilized to find short video reviews as samples. The conclusion of this investigate was that the follow-up behavior of some Tik Tok users perpetuates gender discrimination in social media. This had led to the occurrence of female short video creators being subjected to speech attacks and online violence. Instead of empathizing and fully accepting the idea of gender equality. Therefore, the concept of gender equality in today's public has not really been integrated into life, but only in written expression.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    A series of Rapes and Homicides of Criminal Motives and Dangerous Knot in Gansu and Inner Mongolia Provinces

    The criminal motive, which is the driving force that causes the criminal to commit, has important value in the criminal psychological structure. The criminal motive of Gao chengyong's series of rapes and homicides belongs to a relatively hidden type of criminal motive. The criminal modus operandi of Gao is cruel, which is beyond the normal degree of sexual crimes. The criminal psychology of Gao, which is related to sex, belongs to the kind of awareness knot in the dangerous knot. On this basis, it is inferred that Gao's sexual pleasure is obtained through the high excitement generated by victim's mutilation. Because of sexual disordered, it can't be obtained through normal sexual life. The purpose of paper is to deepen the understanding of human nature in the field of criminal psychology based on levels of consciousness and Freud's model of the mind.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Feminine Body Writing in “Untitled Film Stills”

    With the rise of postmodernism in the Western world, the development of feminism has gradually revealed the characteristics of postmodernism. Among them, feminine body writing is a good example. However, the academia does not pay much attention to body writing in photography art, which gives some research space for this paper. Therefore, this paper studies Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled Film Stills” and uses the theory of feminine body writing which is proposed by Hélène Cixous in “The Laugh of the Medusa” to explore what Sherman wants to suggest about feminism in “Untitled Film Stills”. The study has shown that, Cindy Sherman combines feminine body writing with photography, and uses self-direction and selfie to display women trapped in the male gaze, which show her awakening feminine consciousness and her satire on patriarchy. Sherman’s photographic works play an essential part in the development of feminism.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    The Impact of Domestic Law on International Law

    The birth of international law falls behind domestic law, therefore as a developing legal system, international law is naturally influenced by the more mature domestic law system, both in terms of domestic public law and domestic private law. Modern international law is essentially international law with a sense of domestic private law, but the increasingly frequent and complex international interactions required the establishment of a hierarchical and centralized structure shown in domestic public law. The development of international law by drawing on domestic public law faces certain obstacles and poses risks that should be given due attention. This study starts with the theoretical foundation of domestic law influencing international law, in both private and public sense, followed by analyses of real-world practice, and concluded with the major issues such as the different interpretations of equality in domestic and international laws. This article concludes that international law was first developed based on domestic private law with a focus on equality, and then shifted towards domestic public law by emphasizing hierarchy and centralization. International constitutionalism is also discussed in this study using some judgements made by the International Court of Justice.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Racial Attitudes toward Black and Asian People: From Chinese International Students’ Perspective

    Racial bias has been a controversial topic across nations, especially in Western countries. Prior western research intensively studied the racial attitudes and interracial conflicts of white, black, or other minorities. However, researchers seldomly focus their eyesight on Chinese international students, who are the minority group and temporarily reside in these countries. To address the importance of Chinese international students’ racial attitudes towards interracial groups and diversify feasible research data, this research used implicit methods and explicit methods to examine implicit and explicit racial attitudes among Chinese international students (N = 27 participants, 13 females and 14 males). Results found that Chinese international students displayed implicit racial preferences for Asians higher than that of Blacks, but there are no explicit racial preferences. Additionally, no correlation was found between implicit and explicit racial biases. These results provide strong evidence for the existence of implicit racial biases and point to the need to reduce these biases among international students.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Evaluation of Pathological Perspectives Related to Alzheimer’s Disease

    Alzheimer’s disease (AD), one of the degenerative diseases and dementias, caused more than millions of people to suffer from it. Over the past few decades, scientists have been putting much effort to study this particular disease in the hope of finding the drug to cure AD. In this condition, two significant hallmarks were discovered, senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs), furthermore leads scientists to focus on Aβ and tau protein to study the pathogenesis of AD. However, the real culprit contributing to AD still remains unknown. Although many amyloid-targeted drugs and tau-targeted drugs are developed, they all failed, causing scientists to cast doubt on the amyloid-related perspective and tau-related perspective. This article will mainly discuss the amyloid hypothesis and the tau hypothesis, the factors driving the formation of senile plaques and NFTs, the scientific data supporting and opposing these two perspectives, the criticisms they are facing, and most importantly the future orientation for scientists to study. Here, after understanding the amyloid-related perspective, tau-related perspective, and other perspectives proposed for AD, we extrapolate that the pathogenesis of AD is multifactorial; moreover, the future AD study should take multiple factors into account.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    A Study of International Human Rights Issues in Unmanned Aircraft Operations

    With the development of technology, intelligent devices are being used more and more in every aspect of people's lives, and humans are becoming more dependent on intelligent products. Of course, not only in everyday life but also in the military, where intelligent devices play an increasingly important role. From the early days of cold warfare to the present day, the use of science and technology has greatly impacted how warfare has changed. Drones, combat robots, and cruise missiles are all the fruits of intelligent military warfare. Of these, drones are relatively widely used and play an essential role. As a new form of combat, drones have a great deal of autonomy, making them far more destructive than other forms of combat. The low cost of drones has led to the use of drones by the major powers, and the question of how to restrict the use of unmanned combat devices, especially drones, cannot be ignored. There are currently no international conventions that explicitly regulate drone use; the only ones that have any effect are the international human rights conventions. Drones pose a significant threat to human rights, particularly in terms of their indiscriminate strikes and lack of accuracy, which is one of the issues that should limit their use in warfare. The issues arising from using drones and how they threaten human rights should be the focus of attention.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Balancing Shareholder Rights vs. Managerial Authority by Loyalty Shares

    The imbalance between shareholder rights and managerial authority can be regarded as the main reason for short-termism in corporate governance. So as to mitigate short-termism, a loyalty-share structure has been suggested to be an effective solution. By exploring the causes of short-termism, this essay focuses on how loyalty shares have effects on short-termism in business. Additionally, it evaluates potential risks of loyalty shares, including unfairness, unlimited dual-class share structure, loss of profits, and less liquidity. Finally, this essay demonstrates the assignment of loyalty shares can help to resolve the problem of short-termism derived from the imbalance between shareholder rights and managerial authority.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    The Effectiveness of Epidemic Information on Public Cognition of Vaccines

    Nowadays, COVID - 19 outbreak still exists throughout the world and seriously affects people's lives, since the new crown vaccine on all kinds of media information about the vaccine, and people also never stopped, the discussions of the vaccine in this paper, the authors take the form of a random questionnaire, exploring a certain number of people. This paper investigated the relationship between the public’s cognitive demand for vaccine information and attention level on the amount of vaccine knowledge they acquire and the degree of relevant thinking, and used the Cognitive Mediation Model (CMM) to conduct a series of data analyses, and observe some phenomena. For example, the public’s perception of vaccine information demand positively related to public attention, focus on epidemic information level, and the relationship between the public’s perception of vaccine information demand was positively associated with the degree of involvement with the public to think. The public of vaccine information and relational thinking levels was positively related to the level of attention level and public attention to vaccine information for vaccine utility were positively correlated

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    What Role does People's Acceptance and Agreement on Sexual Double Standard Play on Their Attitudes Toward Marriage? Examine From the Chinese Adults’ Perspectives

    The current research uniquely explores the relationship between the acceptance and agreement on sexual double standard (SDS) and the marriage attitudes. Under the circumstances of the declining marriage rate, this research helps to find out one of the possible causes behind this situation. The current study does a passive correlational design among a group of Chinese adults aged from 18 to 35 by asking them to answer the questionnaires. According to the results, there is a weak positive correlation which means people who agree and accept more on SDS will hold more positive attitudes toward marriage, the perception and desirability of people towards marriage (Wood, Avellar, & Goesling, 2008). The results indicate that the low acceptance and agreement on SDS leads to negative marriage attitudes which causes less people desire to get married.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-02 Doi:

    The Twilight of Shenzhen’s Great Urban Village: Renovation of Baishizhou to Sustain Local Vitality and Improve Living Conditions

    This paper examines the ongoing demolition of Shenzhen’s largest urban village, Baizhizhou, where poor living conditions and local vitality coexist. We focus on people’s attitudes towards the demolition project and investigate how to renovate Baishizhou to enhance living conditions and sustain local vitality simultaneously. By conducting field research through surveys and interviews with current residents of Baishizhou, we find that people are concerned about their displacement and the disappearance of community culture. Also, people reckon natural lighting and overcrowdedness are the main needed-for-improvement aspects of their current living conditions. In discussion, we propose our replan of Baishizhou in zoning and architectural design to solve the issues we found. We believe that the renovation of Baishizhou should be both human-oriented and practicality centered, which would have multiple implications for the redevelopment of urban villages in modern China.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    An Empirical Analysis of the Influence of Divorce Cooling-off Period on Divorce Rate in Chinese Context

    In 2020, the number of divorcees in China was as high as 3.733 million. The high divorce rate has become an unavoidable problem in today's society. Therefore, China officially implemented a cooling-off period policy for divorce in 2021, aiming to reduce the occurrence of impulsive divorces and lower the divorce rate by Increase the consideration time of the parties. Since its implementation, the policy has sparked heated discussions about its ethical and practical effects in China. This study focuses on the practical effects of divorce cooling-off period, and uses Ordinary Least Square (OLS) mixed multiple linear regression and other empirical tools to test the impact of divorce cooling-off period on divorce rate. The results show that the implementation of divorce cooling-off period has a significant effect on the decrease of divorce rate, however, the decrease regression coefficient is not large. It can be shown that in the context of China, the divorce cooling-off period plays a certain role and can be further implemented, but at the same time, more attention should be paid to its improvement. Subjective initiative should be exerted and external mediation mechanism should be added in the cooling-off period in order to achieve better results.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Exploration of Net Property Income in Different Regions

    Nowadays, people's life satisfaction largely depends on their net property income, and as the quality of life improves, people begin to focus on the management of their existing assets and formulate investment strategies. This paper uses SPSS 26 analysis software to analyze the income indicators and potential influencing factors collected from various provinces in China, and finds that education, urbanization level and CPI index have strong influence on investment strategies, providing policy guidelines for governments that wish to improve the living standards of their residents.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Do money and household registration determine a child's future?

    As a country with the largest population in the world, China has a large number of school-age children every year. The enrolment of these children deserves attention. Taking two typical areas of Beijing and Shenzhen as examples, this paper explores the internal causes and solutions of educational inequality by analyzing typical policies such as "high-priced school district housing" and "point admissions"

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-02 Doi:

    The Effects of Family Income Inequality and Race and Ethnicity on Student’s Attainment of Postsecondary Education in the U.S. During COVID-19

    COVID-19 has taken a toll on the global economy. Researchers in the educational section have focused on the relationship between family income and children’s attainment of postsecondary education and the influence of race and ethnicity on family income and education in the context of COVID-19. This study tries to prove the associations among attainment of postsecondary education, family income, and race and ethnicity with quantitative data gathered from the US Census Bureau. This study finally proposes the possibility that there are some hidden factors, other than race and ethnicity, that affect family income and proves some of the existing associations such as the relationship between family income and attainment of postsecondary education. This study constructs a platform for future scholars to combine and discuss the essential and correlated attainment of postsecondary education, family income, and race and ethnicity as a whole.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-02 Doi:

    Research on the Integrated Design of TOD and the Relationship with Urban Sustainable Development

    This paper mainly discusses the urban TOD planning model and its relationship with urban sustainable development. Based on a comprehensive design study of three different urban cases, the article demonstrates the role of the TOD planning model in promoting sustainable development. Through the analysis of three typical examples in China and a series of urban planning theories, the article puts forward the content, internal connection, and practical effect of the integrated design of the subway station area. Taking Chongqing Longhu Light Year Project, Hangzhou Metro Citizen Center Station, and Beijing Metro Line 11 as research objects, we analyze the impact of function, traffic, and landscape integration. The rationality and status quo of such designs in urban planning are presented. The results show that the TOD planning model is a comprehensive strategy, which can promote sustainable development and solve many social problems in many aspects such as convenient transportation, social equity, economic development, and environmental protection.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-02 Doi:

    Comparison of the Admission Policy of Chinese and American High School Athletes

    Athletics admission is one of the admissions considered special in the United States. High school athletes in China have also been enjoying special admissions policies. The author would like to compare the admission policies for high school athletes in China and the United States. The research methods used in this paper mainly include literature review and comparative analysis. This article compares the management and admissions departments, admission standards (academic and sports), and sports programs of Chinese and American athletes, and makes a discussion and summary. The article showed that the department responsible for admissions in China is a national institution, while in the United States is NCAA. In terms of admission standards, China’s academic standard for athletes is relatively simple, and only one test result is considered. In the United States, students’ high school courses, high school grades, and SAT or ACT scores are comprehensively considered.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Analysis of Feminism in Consumerism Research

    On June 12, 2020, a self-made talent show featuring women was shown for the first time on Mango TV. Thirty female performers who were born before 1990 were cast in the program. Sisters Who Make Waves is one of several internet variety programs dominated by youthful superstars that create a portrayal of numerous successful sister identities. From a feminist standpoint, these internet films and television series now portray more mature and autonomous female characters. It was found that women who write and make art use their own voices more and more. The independent pictures of the sisters have a lot of cultural symbolism, and these new pictures help the audience imagine a community. But people need to be aware of how the commercialization of new media affects women. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the evolution of the relationship between consumerism and feminism, as well as how feminist research influences and promotes consumer and marketing research in practice. Therefore, the most recent literature review will be used to cover the history. The results show that in terms of marketing, feminist consumerism makes commercial sense. It builds brand loyalty and increases sales by promoting a broader consumer culture model of dissent.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Disparities in the Medal of Honor Why African American Soldiers’ Awards were Delayed, and Japanese American Awards were Immediate

    The 442nd Infantry Regiment Combat Team, composed mostly of Japanese American soldiers, is the most decorated division in U.S. military history. As a minority combat team motivated by accusations of disloyalty following Pearl Harbor, they sought to demonstrate their patriotism through excellence in battle. President Harry Truman formally recognized the valuable contribution of the 442nd Infantry Team to the Allied victory and assigned a medal of honor to one of the Japanese American soldiers, Private First-Class Sadao S. Munemori, immediately after the war. African American soldiers similarly demonstrated great loyalty and skill in the 332nd Fighter Group, called the Tuskegee Airmen, and the 761st Tank Battalion, also known as the Black Panthers. However, although both units fought with distinction, the granting of medals of honor for African American World War II service was delayed until 1997. Based on memoirs, interviews, and an Army Report Investigation conducted by the Department of Defense, this paper analyzes the reasons for the decades-long discrepancy in the timeline for the acquisition of medals of honor between Japanese American and African American soldiers. The differing experiences and interpretations of discrimination and segregation, both during and after the war, account for the immense positive attention paid to Japanese American efforts compared to the total lack of national honor assigned to African American soldiers. Through their service, Japanese Americans resoundingly exposed the errors of the federal government’s decision to intern families of Japanese descent and helped promote a narrative of wrongdoing that the federal government has since acknowledged. In contrast, African American victories, no less impressive than those of Japanese American and white soldiers, were overshadowed by the racial discourse of Jim Crow-era politics. Specifically, African American soldiers continued to face systemic discrimination at home and in the armed forces despite their military accomplishments. It delayed the formal acknowledgement of the significance of African American service.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Study Evaluating the Availability of Virtual Reality Applications for the Treatment of Eating Disorders

    Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses characterized by abnormal eating behaviors and attitudes. The prevalence of eating disorders among high-income young women in Asia has increased dramatically since the late 20th century. Results of treatments such as medication, clinical therapy, psychotherapy, etc. are often unsatisfactory. Virtual reality has been used in eating disorders, both by changing the size of the body image and by creating a virtual environment. The purpose of this study was to design a Virtual reality application for the treatment of eating disorders and to explore its usability and feasibility. A virtual reality-based application was designed to help treat eating disorders. This application can solve the comparison and low self-esteem problems that arise in other treatments by choosing individual therapy or group therapy after selecting a virtual avatar. Participants are then recruited to experience through questionnaires, thus obtaining user feedback. A total of 9 female participants were recruited, including 2 AN and 3 BN, and 4 BED personnel. Seven participants preferred individual therapy and 2 participants preferred group therapy. According to the data analysis, BN and BED patients were more likely to have group therapy and twice-weekly therapy frequency. Patients with AN tend to prefer individual therapy and more frequently weekly therapy. Participants felt that VR therapy was more private and felt more secure. According to participant feedback, apps need to pay more attention to protecting patient privacy and how treatment data is collected. Participants found the application available. Future research should aim to assess similarities and differences in the availability of group therapy as well as individual therapy. To investigate which specific eating disorder behaviors are effective in group therapy as well as individual therapy.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Do cutaneous senses give more immersive experience in Virtual Reality?

    Cutaneous senses give people better perceptions of the world. In this study, we argue that in the world of virtual reality, cutaneous senses can facilitate people's perception and judgment of specific objects. We adopted a blurred image of ice cubes to allow participants to identify what the objects were and record their time of distinguishing. The result is based on the volunteers we found. They were divided into two groups and only the group that received the cutaneous sense treatment was able to tell what the blurred photo was within 30 seconds. We discuss the findings and implications.

  • Open Access | Article 2023-03-01 Doi:

    Application and Design of Virtual Reality-Based Interactive Film System in Presentation of Architectural Design

    Architects are unsatisfied with current ways of presenting their works in the schematic design phase to clients because the effects of the design presentation obtained nowadays are relatively weak and not self-explanatory. Based on this fact, we proposed a design solution using the concept of an innovative VR interactive film. This kind of VR film provides the clients with highly immersive and interactive VR experiences through virtual simulations in multiple human senses. In this essay, we explained the problem current architects encountered in the phase of architectural design presentation, evaluated the current state of VR in the field of film and architecture, and completed a system design designed with various technical details. Some of the technologies in this solution already exist, while others remain at the conceptual stage. It is possible to create an actual sample of such VR interactive films by prototyping all hardware.

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