Key Factors Influencing the Hispanic Vote in the 2020 United States Election


Timothy Lu * 1

1 United World College of the Atlantic, St Donat's Castle, Llantwit Major

Corresponding Author

Timothy Lu


Cuban, Hispanic, voting, 2020 election, United States


The Hispanic vote in America has traditionally leaned more Democrat in the United States. Appealing to the Hispanic vote as a political tactic has been popular ever since Kennedy’s “Viva Kennedy” campaign to reach out to Mexican Americans, which formed a large part of his victory. This trend will only continue as Hispanic-Americans are the fastest￾growing demographic in America. This paper analyzes the influence of four factors on Hispanic voting in the United States to try and create hypotheses to predict on what considerations must be made when predicting the Hispanic vote.


Timothy Lu. Key Factors Influencing the Hispanic Vote in the 2020 United States Election. ASBR (2021) ASBR Vol.1 No.1: 73-79. DOI: 10.54254/asbr.2021010.


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