Reflections and Prospects of China-Iran Relations under the Impact of COVID-19


Zheng He * 1

1 Institute of Problem Solving, Xi’ an University of Architecture and Technology

Corresponding Author

Zheng He


COVID-19, China-Iran relations, opportunities and challenges


The Corona virus causes major changes in the world, among which China-Iran relation is to change more or less under the influence. The worsened relations with the US of both countries are expected to push the two countries to have a more intimate friendship; the bilateral cooperation and the common interests of both countries also demonstrate a bright future. On the other hand, with the impediment of the second outbreak of the virus, the uncertainty of Iranian attitudes, and the impact of other countries, the improvement of the bilateral interactions is not all plain sailing. The essay aims to give analyses on these factors as well as some reasonable predictions.


Zheng He. Reflections and Prospects of China-Iran Relations under the Impact of COVID-19. ASBR (2021) ASBR Vol.1 No.1: 26-32. DOI: 10.54254/asbr.2021004.



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