Changes and the Influences of the American Taiwan-related Policies under the Global Epidemic Situation


Ziheng Wang * 1

1 Shanghai Muse International Education Corporation

Corresponding Author

Ziheng Wang


American Taiwan-related policy, COVID-19, trans-strait relation, Sino-American relation


Taiwan-related issues is the core issue in the Sino-American relations and the unification of China’s territory is unchallenged. However, during the COVID-19 global epidemic period, the US makes some changes on its Taiwan-related policies and wants to play ‘Taiwan card’ to put pressure on China. This article will talk about some of the changes the US makes during this period. The reasons of these changes and the influences caused by them will be discussed as well.


Ziheng Wang. Changes and the Influences of the American Taiwan-related Policies under the Global Epidemic Situation. ASBR (2021) ASBR Vol.1 No.1: 10-15. DOI: 10.54254/asbr.2021002.


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